How To Play Slots, And Where To Find Them

Slot Rules

how to play slotsThe rules concerning slots include certain across-the-board terms for both online and offline gaming, and it is imperative that players have a clear understanding of them. Additionally, players have to make certain choices when placing bets and they should exercise these choices diligently with the full understanding of implications involved.

Reels and Paylines

Reels are the individual sections that “spin” on a slot machine. Digital slots, such as those found online, randomize each reel and give the appearance of a spin, whereas reels on the old school analog machines actually move.

Paylines are predetermined. Paylines and values are listed prominently on real machines; however, you may have to click a link to see them when playing online.

Winning the Round

winning the round in slotsEach spin is considered a round. Winning the round is accomplished if the reels line up on a winning line. For example, if the reels come to a stop with three cherries in a row, the round and accompanying prize is awarded to the player and a new round begins. Sometimes a wild or a scatter symbol appears on a line. If this happens, the player is awarded the symbol (e.g., free spins, 3x bonus, etc.) and the prize is added in addition to the award.

How to Play Slots with Different Variances

Keep in mind that each machine has its own variance and you should learn how to play slots with different variances. High variance slots don’t pay as often as low variance slots. High variance slots have larger jackpots than low slots, but low slots have smaller, more frequent individual payouts. Such is true for online slots as well.

Advice on How to Play Slots and Win the Game

how to play slots tipsYou should learn how to play slots with multiple paylines. You can increase your odds of winning by playing multiple lines per spin. For instance, a penny slot with 18 lines is going to cost you 18 cents per turn if you play every line. Typically, players can double, triple or even decuple (10x) or higher each bet, whereas some machines will offer additional ways to win when “max bets” are placed (e.g., certain combos come into play for winning, etc.). So 18 cents to play a full board can easily turn into a much bigger bet by adding multipliers.

Another way to win is to play slots that offer higher chances to win free games/spins. These may be low variance games, but the payouts for winning free games/spins can be very large. For instance, if a player wages 18 cents and wins 10 free spins that becomes 10 additional chances to win! But keep in mind that players cannot change their initial wagers while free play is in progress.

Managing money can be quite difficult at a casino. The mazes of crazy lights and whacky sounds coming from the machines, the absence of clocks and complimentary cocktails; all of this stuff is designed to keep you there longer. But have no fear because many players develop rules to overcome the kerfuffle. Here are some advice on how to play slots properly.

Rule 1: never take more money than you’re willing to spend.
Rule 2: give yourself a time limit and stick to it.
Rule 3: avoid “sucker bets.”
Rule 4: do not gamble if you’ve had too much to drink.
Rule 5: leave the machine if you’ve profited more than 25%

Where to Play

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It is imperative for players to choose the best games and casinos with the best offers. Traditional brick-and-mortar casinos can be fun, but playing online is a blast! That’s why savvy players looking for frequent payouts choose All Slots, Royal Vegas, City Club, Lincoln and Uptown Aces. Keep in mind if you are physically located in New York, Kentucky, Washington State, Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana or Missouri, the law prohibits you from online gambling. The aforementioned sites are not intended to be used by players logging on from states that prohibit online gambling. The same goes for countries Moldova and Israel.

Happy gambling, and bon chance!